Toothbrush & Recommended Brushing Technique Simplified

Manual Toothbrush 
Toothbrush And Dentist Recommended Brushing Technique

Toothbrush And Dentist Recommended Brushing Technique 

There are many toothbrush available in market.It might be confusing to choose which brush is suited for you as there are numerous options available for selection. Many times we end up buying a toothbrush which is marketed in commercials blindly without having any in depth knowledge about it.One should buy a toothbrush which serves function of cleaning teeth most effectively.

Here I list down various factors you should look before buying toothbrush for you and your family.

Bristle thickness 

Toothbrushes come with 4 varieties that is mentioned at the top 

H - Hard

M - Medium

S  - Soft 

SS - Super Soft

It is always recommended to use a toothbrush which is softer on your teeth. This is because people generally tend to brush vigorously and in such cases if we use hard brush we end up harming our teeth more than cleaning it.

If we brush vigorously with hard toothbrush enamel which is outermost covering of teeth starts wearing off ie getting destroyed ultimately leading to Sensitivity of teeth.

Enamel which is destroyed cant be regenerated.So only option left is putting composite fillings to cover lost enamel. Hence always use a soft or super soft brush to protect your enamel and reduce risk of teeth sensitivity.

It is also recommended to use a zig zig toothbrush as such brushes tend to reach in between teeth more effectively leading to adequate cleaning of teeth compared to normal toothbrushes.

Toothbrush head size

Size of toothbrush is another important aspect it should neither be too large or too small it should ideally be adequate enough to cover 2 teeth at a time.It is recommended by ADA that it should be 1 inch in length and half inch by width.

Handle type 

Handle should be flexible and soft so as to ease in application of pressure adequately in tooth surfaces.

Electric toothbrush ( Toothbrush And Dentist Recommended Brushing Technique)
Electrictoothbrush with charger

Manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush 

This is a debatable topic with differences in opinion however if you are brushing teeth with proper technique recommended by your Dentist A manual toothbrush will be sufficient for you to clean effectively.

Electric Brushes are suited for patients with crowded teeth or malaligned teeth or patients with arthritis in which manual dexterity is restricted due to age and disease or patients wearing braces.

Recently there have been scientific studies suggesting that a certain type of electric toothbrush labelled as a rotation oscillation toothbrush (the bristles go round and round and back and forth) is more effective than manual toothbrushes in cleaning of teeth efficiently.

When to replace a toothbrush? 

It is recommended to replace a toothbrush after 3 months ideally if you are brushing teeth twice a day in morning and night.

You may also replace it if u see that bristles are wearing off even if its before 3 months.

How should I brush my teeth ?

Modified Bass technique or Sulcus brushing technique is most recommended technique of brushing by Dentist as it has found to clean most effectively compared to other brushing techniques in scientific studies.

The modified bass technique of tooth brushing is used by patients that have good manual dexterity and limited gum recession.

1. The brush is placed at a 45 degree angle on to the front surface of the teeth with the bristles projecting into the pocket surrounding the tooth 

2. A small circular motion is made with the bristles into the pocket then 

3. The bristles are swept from the gum line to the biting surface of the tooth brushingover the entire front surface.

4. This technique is then completed on the inside surfaces of the teeth.The toothbrush is once again placed into the pocket at a 45 degree angle
completing small circles then brushed from the gum line to the biting surface of the tooth to complete brushing.

You should ideally brush for 2 minutes twice a day as recommended by ADA and always remember to store brush in a clean place and cover it with a hygeine cap to keep it dirt free.