ToothSi Aligners-Invisible Braces-Clear Aligners Affordable Option To Invisalign

ToothSi Aligners-Invisible Braces,Clear Aligners Affordable Option To Invisalign
ToothSi Aligners-Invisible Braces,Clear Aligners 

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Toothsi Affordable Clear Aligner,Invisible Braces

Everyone knows that straight teeth give you a beautiful smile but Do you know that straighter teeth can also affect your overall health ?

Crooked or misaligned teeth also known as malocclusion affects large number of Indian adults,left untreated crooked teeth can lead to periodontal disease and create abnormal amounts of stress on teeth and jaws which can lead to premature wear.

The effects of crooked teeth can worsen over time and may adversely affect your overall health common types of misalignment include :

1) Deep bite

2) Open byte

3) Cross Bite

4) Edge to edge bite

5) Excessive overjet

6) Crowding

7) Spacing

Crooked teeth can affect your bite creating unnatural stress and pressure leading to premature wear of teeth that are subject to excessive pressure.

It can develop chipping and not just at the gum line over time the excessive force may also cause flattened or worn down teeth and fractures at the edges of teeth additionally a bad bite may produce improper forces on the jaw joint that may lead to pain in the jaw, earache and even headaches.

Premature wear can lead to gum recession. poor bone support at the roots may cause loose teeth and eventually tooth loss. Teeth that fit together correctly last longer and are likely to need less costly dentistry in the future.

Crooked Teeth can affect your periodontal health because it's difficult to remove plaque and bacteria from the crowded areas bacteria that is not properly removed & will multiply and trigger periodontal disease which begins as gum inflammation, redness and bleeding while brushing and flossing.

If left untreated overtime gum inflammation will progress to chronic infection ,soft tissue damage, receding gums, periodontal pockets, bone loss and eventually tooth loss.

These conditions can lead to painful repair and maintenance in the future which could amount to thousands of rupees in expenses and countless hours in the dentist's chair.

Problems in the oral cavity are best treated in the early stages.Crooked teeth that are left untreated can trap bacteria that damage gum tissue cells and invade blood vessels this can cause damage to cells that line your coronary arteries increasing your risk for heart disease, stroke and other illness.

Correct position in your teeth for proper alignment and function will help prevent future dental problems and make a significant difference toward a healthy mouth and keeping your teeth for life.

ToothSi Teeth aligners at home are clear, invisible & affordable aligners.It consist of series of aligners that are custom made to gradually move and align your teeth and start on the road to a healthier you.

Aligners meaning 

Aligners are plastic orthodontic devices which are transparent in looks making it virtually invisible to others unlike braces which are noticeable used in straightening of crooked teeth and closure of gaps in between teeth.

 1) What are ToothSi Clear aligners made of ?

ToothSi aligners are affordable,clear & invisible made with support of orthodontist.They are produced without bpa plastic to straighten teeth.They give specific consideration to quality  so they don't hurt your cheeks or gums. They accommodate greatest solace, protection and effectiveness to give you the best final products.

2) How are ToothSi aligners custom made ? 

Each retainer of ToothSi aligner is machined from moldings of your teeth impression. They will send impressions or intra-oral scanned photos of your upper and lower teeth to our lab. These are then moved into our PC and examined by a specialist orthodontist. The technician then follows orthodontist instructions and makes a 3 d printed invisible aligner and delivers it at your home.


3) How do Toothsi Teeth Aligners at home fix teeth?

Their clear,invisible & affordable aligners are 3-D printed as a progression of dynamic teeth aligners. Each aligner is intended to move your teeth only a small amount of a millimeter. As you keep on wearing each continuous affordable aligner, your teeth step by step move into their ideal position.When you complete wearing your affordable aligner arrangement, your teeth will subside into their last position. ToothSI aligners fix your teeth equivalent to braces. So there is no reason to wear a not so good looking metal braces to fix your teeth.


4) How would I know whether I meet all 
requirements for starting aligners?

So as to decide whether you're eligible, you should plan a video consultation with us.They offer two essential clear aligner programs:

(a) ToothSi Easy : This aligner program is intended for fixing simple orthodontic conditions, for example, fixing minor teeth crowding or front teeth spacing. You will be given a set of aligners which you wear at home and you would'nt require any further dental visits.

(b) ToothSi Prime : This affordable aligner program is intended for further difficult orthodontic problems, for example, fixing extensive teeth crowding, bite adjustments and deep overbites. The ToothSi Prime program requires visiting dentist a few times.

5) Can I start aligner treatment if I have cavities?

No, you need to fix your cavity before beginning clear aligner treatment. Each time you start any sort of orthodontic treatment you have to ensure that your mouth is cavity free. As its not suitable for you to have a toothache directly in the middle of your treatment! So consult with our dentist to fill the cavities.


6) Can I start aligners if I have gum swelling?

No you can't! You should address your gum sickness before you wear clear aligners . Gum infection is a genuine disease which needs early intervention. You never need to begin moving your teeth if the supporting gum and bone structure is weak. Fortunately, rectifying gum disease is simple by getting tooth cleaning with dentist. They will assess your gums before starting aligner treatment.

7) Can I start aligner treatment if I have missing teeth ?

Yes definitely. ToothSi Aligners are intended to work regardless of whether you have at least one missing teeth.We generally suggest that you replace missing teeth once you finish aligner treatment. In the event that you can't replace your missing teeth immediately, Do wear your retainers as educated. If you don’t put retainers your teeth may get back to its original position leading to failure of your treatment.


8) Would i be able to wear ToothSi clear 
Aligners at Home if I have a dental implant?

Having a solitary dental implant in your mouth is not a hindrance for you to stat aligner treatment. Your dental specialist will plan your aligner treatment to work around your dental implant. On the other hand that you have various dental implants, you most likely won't meet all requirements for aligner treatment. You ought to presumably consider crowns or porcelain as another option.

9) How should I wear my ToothSi Teeth 
clear & invisible aligners at Home?

Wearing your ToothSi aligners is very hassle free and you'll become accustomed to them in a matter of moments. Each aligner is numbered, for instance plate #1 of 10, plate #2 or 10, plate #3 of 10, etc. You should wear each arrangement of aligners for 21 hours per day for about 15 days. Remove your aligners out to eat, drink (water is alright) or clean your teeth, else you ought to be wearing them. Wear each aligner for in any event 15 days before changing to the following set.  


10) What should  i do with my old aligners ? 

Keep them. Continuously store your more previous aligners in their bundle in right grouping and never discard them. Why? Every so often, you may need to return to wearing an old aligner as per your dental specialist's suggestion. Furthermore, if your teeth move later on, you might need to return and re-wear your last 3-4 aligners. Make certain to keep your reasonable aligners in a sheltered spot away from kids and pets. Along these lines you can reuse them later on if at any point if required.


11) How long does it take to fix my teeth with
 ToothSi Teeth Aligners At Home ?

ToothSi Aligner treatment changes depending on amount of tooth correction which Is required. A straightforward case could be done in only 3-4 months though a progressively complicated case could take 1-2 years. Moving teeth too quick can make harm to your teeth or jaw bone. Also, moving your teeth too quick will increase chances of failure of treatment. This implies your teeth move back to their pre-treatment position with a couple of years. Be patient as your aligners move your teeth into their right position. That is why we generally suggest that you wear each reasonable aligner for 15 days full-time. 15 days is minimal time required for your teeth to sink into their new position.


12) What does it feel like to wear ToothSi 

ToothSi aligners feel tight since they grasp your teeth solidly and are moving them into another position. Wearing ToothSi aligners can be somewhat difficult toward the start. Wearing another arrangement of aligners consistently feels somewhat close and it could take some time becoming accustomed to. Fortunately, clear aligners are a lot more straightforward to wear. Utilize your chewie instrument in your ToothSi Smile Box to assist you with seating your new aligners. Approach your dental specialist for help on the off chance that you have some other issues wearing your aligners and they will mentor you all throughout.


13) What would it be advisable for me to do if my teeth starts paining after aligners ?

Wearing another retainer set of ToothSi aligners could be somewhat painful, particularly if this is your first time wearing aligners. Tooth movement consistently causes some uneasiness. On the off chance that there's no tooth pain, at that point there's no tooth movement! Fortunately, the agony consistently dies down after the initial days. Take a glass of cold water to help mitigate the agony for the initial 2-3 days. In the event that it is unbearable, take a paracetamol or brufen. Just be patient you will gradually be accustomed to ToothSi Aligners.


14) What amount do ToothSi  Invisible Teeth Aligners at Home cost in mumbai?

Teeth aligners cost in india is high but Toothsi offers affordable options.They offer 2 diverse aligner treatment. The initial step is to see which aligner plan suits you:

a) ToothSi Easy : This aligner program is intended for fixing simple orthodontic conditions, for example, fixing minor teeth crowding or front teeth spacing. You will be given a set of aligners which you wear at home and you would'nt require any further dental visits.

Total Clear aligners price would be 52000/-

EMI starts at  3,999 at 0%* interest rate.

(b) ToothSi Prime : This affordable aligner program is intended for further difficult orthodontic problems, for example, fixing extensive teeth crowding, bite adjustments and deep overbites. There are additional attachments which will be required to be fixed in dental clinic and time period may increase .

Total Clear aligners price would be 69000/-

EMI starts at  5,899 at 0%* interest rate.

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ToothSi Aligners-Invisible Braces,Clear Aligners Affordable Option To Invisalign(Aligners vs Braces)
ToothSi Aligners-Invisible Braces,Clear Aligners (Aligners vs Braces)