OK Full Form is Olla Kalla or Oll Korrect

OK means Olla Kalla 

Ok full form is Olla Kalla or Oll Korrect The word is of Greek origin meaning All correct. An adjective in generall it means adequate or acceptable . Ok is worlds most frequently used term in history most frequently spoken in america.it is very versatile can be used in many ways.

“OK” is both enduring and unique in our language’s history.

Not to mention, it’s so damn versatile. Observe:

OK: Standard term signifying you are on board with something. Variations include “all right”, “sounds good” and “that’s fine”.

Okay: The modernised American spelling of OK, which also enables its use as a verb: “My editor okayed me to write this pointless article.”

Oooookay: A passive-aggressive expression used to signify the imminent escalation of an argument. It’s also a perfectly adequate response when someone says something vaguely uncomfortable.

Okaaaay: Same as above, but may also signify accepting defeat in said argument, depending on your inflection.

KK: A variation of OK used by tweens of the MySpace era, circa 2005. If you still use this, you now know why you’re still single.

K: You’re either in a hurry, or passive-aggressively expressing your disapproval in a way that conveys you will not tell the recipient why you are no longer speaking to them.

K.: Same as above, only definitely the passive-aggressive latter.