All You Need To Know About Durr Dental Prophylactic Cannula

Durr prophylaxis Cannula


   What is Durr dental prophylactic cannula

It is specially developed rotatable and fixable protective shield which enables increased aerosol absorption and particularly effective, ergonomic suction as part of the prophylaxis treatment with spray powder devices.

   What are salient features of Durr dental cannula ? 

1. The ergonomically designed prophylactic dental cannula with non-slip surface is equipped with a unique protective shield.
Durr Prophylaxis Cannula
 2.  The protective shield can be rotated and set to the desired angle thus enabling very effective                     aspirations of aerosol

Durr Prophylaxis Cannula

3. A direct visual comparison of prophylaxis cannula and universal cannula clearly shows the difference in shape

Durr Prophylaxis Cannula

4. The protective shield for the cannula can be easily removed for cleaning,disinfection & sterilization.The shield can be effortlessly clicked on for treatment after autoclaving.

Durr Prophylaxis Cannula

Durr Prophylaxis Cannula

5. The protective shield can be rotated and set as desired, compared to the universal cannula the cannula opening is larger this means that twice the aerosol is aspirated.

Durr Prophylaxis Cannula

6. The ergonomically rounded off cannula opening prevents pressure points in patients mouths using prophylaxis cannula on dental models shows the exact arrangement of the cannula and the protective shield in all treatment positions.

7. The distinct side of the rotating protective shield is always towards the gingiva during aspiration when switching tooth quadrants the flexible protective shield is turned and set to the appropriate position thus ensuring the continued optimal aspiration of aerosol.

8. The flexibility of the shield helps to adapt to the ideal aspiration position when switching from lingual to buccal.

9. When switching quadrants the shield is relocated to the appropriate suction position to again ensure effective suction.

10. The distinct side of the prophylaxis cannula shield is also oriented and towards the gingiva for treatment within the upper jaw.

11. The flexibility of the shield again provides for an optimal suction position from buccal to palatal.

12. It is helpful to practice using the prophylaxis cannula in the different suction positions on the tooth model.

13. The prophylaxis cannula was designed specifically for the demands made for professional tooth cleaning, the distinct side of the shield perfectly channels the suction stream the high aerosol uptake also makes the prophylaxis cannula ideal for treatment without assistance.

Durr Prophylaxis Cannula

14. The uniquely adjustable prophylaxis cannula optimizes aerosol evacuation with spray powder in buccal and palatal applications thus effective suction significantly reduces the dispersion of the aerosol with spray powder in the treatment room surface.

15. Oral mucosa is optimally protected by the shield and suction is improved.

16. Irritations of the oral mucosa from the spray powder are significantly reduced.

17. The flexible adjustment of the prophylaxis cannula enables a multi functional scope of application.

18. The protective shield of the prophylaxis cannula is turned and set to the right position the suction handpiece with swivel joint increases the ease of use and lifespan of the suction hose.

Durr Prophylaxis Cannula

19. Larger particles must often be aspirated in conservative or prosthetic treatments such as in the removal of fillings or the transection of crowns and bridges here the shield provides additional confidence.

20. The rubber dam technique results in a higher degree of suction comfort a well positioned prophylaxis cannula completely removes the rinsed etching gel and aerosol the etching gel thus does not reach the healthy hard tooth tissue

21. During polishing excess filler material and aerosol are aspirated by the prophylaxis cannula and prevented from spraying out from the polishing.

22. The prophylaxis cannula with ergonomic design and non-slip surface is multifunctional and can be used for conservative, prosthetic and prophylactic treatments.