Everything You Need To Know About SanketLife MULTI-VITAL All In One Device

Gone are days where a cumbersome sleeve was required to be wrapped to gauge blood pressure.Now simply contact with thumbs and get your readings easily.

Worldwide 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women had hypertension. Doctors recommend regular blood pressure monitoring to manage hypertension.

Sanketlife Multi vital device is Bluetooth enabled and automatically connects with your Android or iPhone, once you install "SanketLife" Smartphone App from Google Play store or Apple App store.

The Smartphone App keeps track of your Daily Blood Pressure stats and even reminds you to take the reading

The Lungs - Blood Oxygen (SpO2)

Proper Lung function is one of the most essential vital in our body.In these times with COVID-19, the lung function becomes even more important.

SpO2 gives you an estimate of the blood oxygen levels and hence makes you aware of your lung function.

We bring to you a hassle-free way of measuring SpO2.With just a Touch, see the level of oxygen in your body.

Do Yoga or Exercise or just climb few steps and watch the level of oxygen vary. With proper diet and regular exercise, the level of oxygen can be substantially increased in the body.

Sanketlife Multi vital is your, very own, Immunity Measuring Device

Contactless, Infrared Thermometer

State of the Art - Contactless, Infrared Thermometer for every Day use at Home or Offices.

Within few seconds, get accurate temperature right in your smartphone.

With over 1.5 Lac users in India of SanketLife devices, SanketLife has changed the way Heart Health was monitored.

With its unique, Patented Touch Based Technology, SanketLife is getting used in More than 500 Indian Cities and Numerous countries Worldwide.

With just touch at various parts on Body, SanketLife creates a full 12 LEAD ECG Report, without any clumsy leads or wires.

High sensitivity (True positive) and specificity of SanketLife in identifying electrical cardiac abnormalities, its portability coupled with real-time transmission and low cost make it a suitable candidate for the emergency as well as outpatient-based cardiac care in clinical and community settings

The analysis showed a high degree of agreement between ECG findings of SanketLife and 12 lead standard ECG in detecting major cardiovascular conditions (Major Minnesota codes) such as Left and right bundle branch block, ST-segment elevation and ST-segment depression, AV conduction block. SanketLife showed 98.15% sensitivity and 100% specificity in diagnosing major cardiac conditions. There was discordance between two types of ECGs in diagnosing time-variant atrial and ventricular premature beats.

This are national and international publications and articles validating the high specificity and sensitivity of machine.

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SanketLife is a credit card-sized, mobile-based leadless ECG machine, offered by a company called Agatsa. Placing both thumbs on the slots on the device gives a reading comparable to a single-lead ECG with a 98% accuracy. Not only is SanketLife able to perform a single-lead ECG reading for emergency purposes, like AliveCor’s popular Kardia Mobile ECG monitor, but also has built-in provision to take 12 lead readings as a conventional ECG machine, which makes it a complete 12-lead ECG solution that is remote, easy-to-handle, cost-effective, without any lead or wire and accurate.

The technology of SanketLife allows it to measure electrical activity of the heart through sensors and to transfer the data to a mobile phone using low-energy Bluetooth technology. There are 3 sensors on the device that are used to take complete 12-lead ECGs by contact with the skin. After signal processing, the data is displayed as a PDF report on an associated phone-based application that can be shared with anyone for consultation. This type of device has high favor with US physicians. At present, heart rhythm doctors often advise their patients to buy the Kardia Mobile in the US and there will be a lot of interest in SanketLife as and when it is launched in the US, sync it with a smartphone, and send readings whenever the patient is unwell.

Advantages of Sanket life 

Easy handheld device
Reasonable price compared to ALIVE Cor which is valued at Rs. 14000 INR
Can be used in the outpatient department, can be used by physician, technicians, and even by patients
Works in a leadless wireless fashion
Able to get all 12 leads for analysis
Reasonable accuracy
Stores images in Cloud Drive
Able to provide a basic initial report
They charge Rs. 175 rupees only for the expert cardiac opinion.

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