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Soocas W3 Review       

  What is Soocas Water Flosser ?    

A water flosser is a portable device that sprays high streams of water in steady pulses. The water will remove food from between teeth

  Why should we use Soocas Portable Irrigator ?    

Xiaomi water flosser has 3 modes of operation- Gentle, Optimal and Massage. At Optimal mode, water flosser delivers up to 1,300 pulsating water jets per minute and up to 120psi water pressure for optimal cleaning.

3 modes of xiaomi water flosser


■   Large Water Reservoir:

A large 230ml water reservoir
230ml large capacity water tank, full of water can fully meet the one-time use. No need to add water repeatedly in the process of use. Compared with other small capacity water tanks, it is more convenient and efficient.

xiaomi water  flosser tank

■   IPX7 water resistance rating:

It has a removable tip made of food-grade plastic and a 2,200mAh battery that will last up to 30 days with normal usage.

■   Waterproof Design

100% waterproof portable water flosser.Soocas W3 water flosser has unique dual safety protection function, it will turn off if there is any issue while using it. It is recommended to use soft mode for beginners

■   High Speed:

 It has high speed pulse which is ideal for patients with orthodontic treatment 

The water tank and nozzle are made of high permeable food grade materials, and the internal water flow is clearly visible.It has passed the FDA food and drug safety test in the United States

*FDA Test Report No.: cane C1 1820505602

The kit contains:

1 oral irrigator
4 pcs nozzles
1 USB cable
1 water leak-prevent rubber stopper
1 user manual

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